About Us

History is littered with examples of great oratory, influential speeches and ground-breaking lectures.
The Shmodcast Podcast is none of these.

Formed in the mists of time (in 2013) the Shmodcast Podcasts origins are hard to fully establish.
However enigmatic manuscripts discovered in the ancient caves at Cefn (just outside of St Asaph) shed some light with this transcript:
Three mysterious characters meet on a dark night with a dark purpose.
“Let’s do a podcast” Suggests one.
“Yeah, sounds like a laugh” says another.


Who: Dan Platt, Jon Platt and Dave Marriott – ably (and brilliantly) assisted by Technical Wizard (Silent) Will Clark
What: Tangential waffle about anything that takes our fancy that week – often interrupted by our own digressions
Why: Good question. A better question might be; why not? It passes the time and gives us an excuse to be silly.
Where: an undisclosed location (possibly mythical – like Valhalla or Super Mario Land)
When: Usually Sunday Afternoons (but please allow for editing before demanding the latest Podcast)


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